Assembly and extensive testing are at the heart of our approach to the production and delivery of products and services. We take pride in ensuring that every item that leaves our facility meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Our dedicated department for assembly and final inspection is the heart of this operation. A team of skilled professionals is gathered here who are thoroughly trained and experienced in the assembly process. We have a comprehensive set of guidelines and procedures that ensure that every part is assembled accurately and in line with the specifications set out.

Before the products leave our facility, they undergo a thorough final inspection process. This includes meticulous inspection of every aspect of the product to ensure it meets our quality standards. We take no shortcuts when it comes to quality control, as we understand the importance of delivering reliable products that our customers can rely on.

Why choose us?

One of the most important pillars of our delivery is quality. To achieve this, each individual employee is responsible and trained in meeting the customer’s quality requirements. Demanding measurements can be checked with a 3D coordinate measuring machine, or by using other advanced measuring instruments.

We also have our own quality department which carries out final checks and documentation of products according to the customer’s specifications. Our MPS system ensures 100% production management and traceability of the order cycle and accompanying documentation. Our customers should experience a quick response time to quotations, and a short lead time from order to finished delivery.

Expertise in various materials

Our wide range of materials enables us to meet a diverse range of machining needs. We master high-alloy steel types such as Duplex, Superduplex, Inconel and Super 13%, and also deliver accurate results with materials such as 420M, 4136, 4140 and titanium.

In addition, our expertise is not limited to metals alone – we are experienced in processing aluminium, copper, brass and tough metal, and can supply high quality components in these materials. In addition to metals, we also take on the challenge of plastic materials, and our extensive experience ensures that we meet your demands for precision and quality, regardless of the specific material.

CNC Produkter AS supplies turned and machined products for all types of projects and composite finished products.
Videre monterer, ferdigstiller og tester vi produkter der våre egne og eventuelle del-leverandørers produkter inngår.

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